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  • Improved interface and navigation

    • New interface.
    • Improved user experience on any device.
    • New item "Sites" to access your subjects or sites.
    • User profile information menu.
    • New site tools design.

    Site arrange

    • From "Sites" you can easily access all your sites (even the hidden ones), and mark and reorder your favorite sites.
    • The top bar of the main menu shows the sites marked as favorites (to mark a site as a favorite, just click the star next to the name of the site).
    • From "My Workspace - Preferences" you can click on "Sites" and hide the ones that you don't want to see.


    • More accessible editing options, appearing now to the right of any element.
    • Now you can add elements anywhere on the page. A "+" button has been added which allows you to add an item directly above the selected one.
    • Back and forward buttons at the bottom of the page.
    • New "Checklists" feature.
    • Sections can be expanded and collapsed.
    • You can add a level of indentation and a custom CSS style in the linked elements (subpages, tasks, exams ...).


    • An email notification can be sent to announce the opening date of an assignment.
    • Peer assessments:
      • The student can add attachments when reviewing assignments from classmates.
      • The teacher has the average grade of the reviews made on an assignment.
  • Messages

    • You can establish a specific configuration to grant different permissions in the sending of mails to recipients (permissions to send mails to a single group, to specific users ...)


    • News buttons and styles.
    • Access to recycle bin through a button in the top menu.

    Tests & Quizzes

    • New question type: INTERACTIVE IMAGE. It allows interacting with an image by marking zones that are part of the solution.
    • Activity report: detailed information about the student exams and marks.
    • The teacher can attach files for the student when correcting a test.
    • Visual improvements when answering test type questions, shading the option when the mouse pass over.
    • New drop-down panel for the student where he can see the test progress.


    • You can activate the space chat in order to interact with active users at any time.

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